My Testimony

In 1975 at the age of 22, I made a decision to stop being a phony. I was tired of being good sometimes and then being bad at other times. I wanted to be all the way good or all the way bad. I put my thoughts of my past on an imaginary scale, but the good times weighed almost the same as the bad times, and what   was that slight difference in the weight? I thought , and then clear as crystal it came to my mind that the slight difference was the life that I had at the second which gave me the ability to choose, and that life was what tipped the weight on the scale toward good.  So then, more life above anything else is what I needed. I knew of a book that promised to offer that, even everlasting life, which is titled the Holy Bible. Jesus Christ is spoken of in the Holy Bible; He said "prove me" so I did,   and he was and is that Life my Savior and my God.


~Brother Ford~

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