The Rules Of Professional Players

1. Commit to being single and a commitment to forever be social with the opposite sex.  (ST. Luke 20:34-36)
2. Be clean, kind, honest, patient, and last but not at all least, stay sober. Why should you be less than normal? I suggest being yourself since like attracts like. (Sober: moderate indulgence.)  [ST. John 13:34-35]
3. Never possess no one or become possessed by no one, place or thing with the exception being God. Love everyone.  Kids obey your parents.  (ST. Matthew 15:4)  Parents be reliable.
4. Wear A Christian symbol (a Cross) daily. It reflects honesty and many other appealing attributes. A Playboy or Playgirl symbol would be wise also, but not necessary, although it would declare openly or profess your life-style which could be helpful in many ways. Never, never deny Christ.  (ST. Mark 8:38)
5. Admire, but never desire another's lover. Believe me, you have plenty already. Follow every rule here and the doors will begin to open.  (Malachi 3:10)
6. Do not oppose righteousness, but instead become one with God. Don't forget to observe the Passover yearly and don't forget to Tithe either, it's rewarding.  (ST. Matthew 12:46-50)
7. Do not worry about fornication, the sex sin. You are not under the marriage laws. God said that in the resurrection they neither marry neither are they given in marriage (Luke 20;34-36). You need to be a born again Christian. Born again is a resurrection. So then, believe God and go ahead and play. God said "I am the resurrection and the life, "(John 11:24-26). That is why I stated not to oppose righteousness, but instead become one with God. All things are His (God) and can become yours, respectfully.

Page 17    "Talking It Over" by Glenn Ford

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