"Why do you not understand my language?"

As I begin, I would have you to know that speaking in tongues is a sign that fulfills the Scriptures whereas the law is written: "With men of other tongues (other languages) and other lips will I speak unto this people; and yet for all that will they not hear me, " saith the Lord. Not that you should speak in another language, that is if you do not already speak partially or fluently in another tongue, but only to show that the word of God, all that He had spoken shall also go forth in other languages besides that which it was received. Now, you can speak with a new tongue or in tongues, and probably already do, but you are not aware of it because of Satan and his evil ways (Jude 1:10).

Our Lord Jesus Christ said that once we are filled with power from above that we would speak with new tongues. So then, do you believe that Jesus Christ is Lord? If so, would you tell someone of Him and what he stood for? If you answer is "yes," then you, my brothers and sisters, do speak with new tongues.

Know this, that speaking in other tongues and speaking with a new tongue are two different sayings. Our Lord said his word would go forth in other tongues. He did not say you would speak in other tongues, but He did say you, once filled with the Holy Spirit (God's words) would speak with a new tongue - which is simply teaching that which He taught.  (ST. Mark 16:17).

Jesus Christ stated it, "They shall speak with new tongues." Speaking, praying or singing in tongues is similar to walking in the Spirit. You do not change your language, just your message as in walking in the Spirit, you don't change your style of walking - only your deeds.


Another short example: Speaking in tongues is giving a message from God, not man, as walking in the Spirit is doing the will of God and not man's.  (Continued on page 14)


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